StarAnts NaturColor 20x20x1,5 cms Sponge With Deposit

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The antikube Antikube interior tank, is a Thematic model with cover AntMan and square shape composed of a sandwich integrated into a side of size 15x15x1,5cms high ...

Includes red themed rigid AntMan cover - Ant man, by default on both sides.

AntKube Anthill with Interior tank, is a Thematic model with AntMan cover and square shape composed of a sandwich integrated into a side of size 15x15x1.5cms high, and foraging area also of 15x15x15 cm, being very wide to cover all needs of our ants. They are also available in 10 colors, which makes them especially adaptable to the taste of each client, without forgetting more natural galleries that take better advantage of the available space.

Our AntKube is perfect for large species, such as the Camponotus, with a gallery width of 1.5 cm, allowing larger species to move freely and comfortably through the galleries of the anthill.

The humidity system consists of a water tank in the Central Interior part, allowing humidity to not be easily exhausted, with which we can go on vacation with tranquility. The water tank is formed by a water tube that contains a sponge that is in direct contact with another inside the anthill, thus transmitting moisture from one to another, also has an external hole that directly contacts the sponge interior to moisten also directly with a needle with syringe.

It has a hole to connect it with other anthills or foraging boxes.

Recommended for all types of species and sizes, while not exceptionally large, nor exceptionally small.

ATTENTION: Do not clean with alcohol, or with any other product than soapy water, as it can cause the breakage of the material and also not use talcohol. If it is still used it will be under the responsibility of the client.

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