Anthouse-AntCubik-Lite Kit (FREE ants included)

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AntCubik-Lite Kit is a special nest for species (messor, formicas,camponotus, etc...) with a permanent humidity system in the lower area and two independent galleries...

Caution: The humidity system doesn't have water for the ants to drink, it just gives ambient humidity. It's very important a permanent source of water for the ants (water, sugar water, etc...). We suggest the availability of a trough, a water trough, a feeding tray or a test tube with water.

Dimensions: Width: 96mm Depth: 76mm Height: 96mm


The AntCubik-Lite Kit is a special nest for species (messor, formicas, camponotus, etc...) with an upper lid that contains a vent hole with grating and a permanent humidity system in the lower area. It has two independent galleries with a tube in one side and a built-in foraging box on top.


The humidity system is easy to use. You only have to remove the stopper and fill the nest base with water, using a syringe. Vaporisation will make the water to go up to the higher levels, bringing the ants the necessary humidity and keeping it for weeks.


It also keeps two galleries, each extending by two side independently. This way you can gradually increase the available space depending on the needs of our colony. Suitable for small colonies and for the largest.

The inside block is made of a perfect combination of white cement and sand. No plaster, so it is more resistant and less fragile if the ants bite it.

How does it work?


It has a lower container with a blocked hole by a rubber stopper. You only have to add water to the tank. This water, as it evaporates, will go up to the higher levels of the nest, supplying the ambient humidity the ants need. It is a big tank, so the system will have water for months, until it evaporates completely. It has two areas of galleries, each independent from one another. If the colony is small you can plug with cotton the extra galleries and later expand as the colony grows. The nest can accommodate 250 big ants.

Food and water is placed at the horizontal upper zone (foraging area). The ants go there to take food and leave the rubbish. You can carefully pour the ants from the test tube (slightly tapping it) into the upper lid.


The kit includes:

- 1x Ant's nest Antcubik Lite.

- 1x Messor barbarus colony: queen, 5-15 workers, eggs and larvae included.

- 1x 10 ml protein syrup.

- 1x 10 ml mineral anti-escape oil.

- 2x 9/6mm rubber stopper.

 Not recommended for small species.


Warning: Maintenance of the ant's nest is under responsibility of the customer. The wear and tear of the materials is not covered by warranty.


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