Mushroom Modular Anthill

Our Mushroom Modular Antpitta, is a fully expandable anthill, adaptable to any type of species, whether large or small, needs more or less humidity or habitable space, since thanks to its operation by modules the anthill easily adapts to the needs of our ants:

* Galerias of 1 cm of total height, with which it serves as much for small ants type lasius, like for the great type camponotus, where they will be able to move with total freedom.

* With a module designed with two mushrooms with deposit, which give the humidity that any species needs.

* Two types of foraging area, large and small, that allow to have all the necessary space to put the food and introduce our decoration.

* Never stay small, being its main advantage, that we can increase the living space, adding the modules that are necessary, so that there will never be enough space.

deal modular ant farm, for all kinds of ant species, ant colonies and queen ants, buy this anthill and you will never need another one.