For Kids-GEL

Our ant farms and educational ant farms for children are ideal for primary schools, secondary schools and educational organisations. If you are a parent of a teacher, you can take advantage of the world of antsor educational purposes. We have a great variety of products ranging from gel ant farms, acrylic ant farms, sand ant farms, glass ant farms and artificial ant farms, all in many shapes and sizes. All of our ant farms for children come with a colony of ants including the queen, her workers, ant eggs and larvae. There is no need to buy ants or a queen ant as this is all included.

At Anthouse, we have at your disposal different models of ant farms for you entertainment. They are equally suitable for educational purposes as they can teach children the cycle of life. Our gel ant farms are ideal for studying and understanding how ants work together and how they develop a structure centred on collecting food. Ants tirelessly move from one place to another allowing youngsters to enjoy and learn what they study in books in a practical way.

Ant Farms for Children

Our ant farms and educational ant farmfor children are especially made so that you can enjoy them to the fullest extent possible and carry out experiments. Whether you want to keep an ant farm in your home or want to buy one for a primary school, high school or an educational organisation, you will not be disappointed by their durable structures. They are easily incorporated into science experiments.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you can contact us and let us know your requirements so that we can help you to decide which ant farm will be most suitable for you and your personal aims. We will send you the ant farm which best fits your requirements with everything that you need for it to house a colony straightaway.

Giving your children the chance to experience first-hand the inner-workings of an ant colony is an unbeatable experience that you will never forget. Our gel ant farms make this experience possible.

Self-sufficient Ant Farms

Gel ant farms have the advantage of not needing care from their owner. They contain everything necessary for the ants to take care of themselves from day one and start doing what children find the most interesting: building tunnels. Once they are inside the ant farm, they will begin to construct their incredible passages before your eyes. Children will therefore be able to learn how ant colonies function.

At Anthouse, we have a great variety of ant farms for our customers and their educational or space-related requirements. Whatever your object is, we have every type of ant farm that exists on our site: gel ant farms, acrylic ant farms, sand ant farms, glass ant farms and artificial ant farms.

We are adamant that you will receive prompt and high-quality service from us, from the delivery of the ants in test tubes to the introduction of the ants into the ant farm where they are transformed into workers. This will not be a one-day process. Maintenance tips and advice will be available from us from the word go so that youngsters and adults alike can carry out experiments and learn as much as possible.

Each stage of work will be observable and with our gel ant farms being so easy to explain, you can start learning immediately from the farm’s natural environment.

Ant Farms

The ant farms for children and adults that we send are accompanied by a colony of ants, including a queen and her offspring (workers), eggs and larvae. Once you have made an order with us, you can sit back and relax. We will send you the most suitable type of ants for your colony for free.

Do not buy an ant farm or an ant queen as it is not necessary. This is all included and is sent for free alongside your purchase. We wish for your experience with us to be as pleasant and free of problems as possible. We therefore send everything to you at once so that you can start setting up your ant farm as quickly as possible, whether you are doing this alone or with a group of youngsters or children. The time between receiving your package and beginning to observe your colony will be as short as possible.

We stock easy-to-clean and high-quality gel ant farms, each one with its own characteristics and features so that we have something suited to everyone.

If you are looking for an ant farm, Anthouse should be your first call. You will find the best products here and we will send you ant colonies and ant queens for free so that you can build the ant farm that you want to without having to leave your home. If you are new to the world of ants or you want to learn more about this hobby, you will have everything you need at your fingertips with a couple of clicks.